[VAGA] Nubank / Planner / SP

Nubank is a technology company that is redefining the standard of the financial services industry in Brazil. Our in-house advertising agency is responsible for creating all brand strategies and pieces for Nubank and the planner is an integral part of that team.


Will work in:

Develop communication, consumer, cultural, and category studies;

Draw problem definition;

Build Nubank’s campaigns briefings and strategies;

Inspire both the in-house team and Nubank with references and insights to impact business;

Partner with brand managers, social, media, and creatives to make ideas achieve results;

Help keep brand’s consistency in all the touchpoints.



Around 5 years of experience working as a planner;

Experience working with on and offline projects;

Being organized, reliable and able to meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced startup environment;

Being able to work collaboratively;

Must be able to handle a number of projects simultaneously;

Able to prioritize and manage your own workload;

Portuguese speaker, fluent in English;


Desired skills and experience

Able to balance a strong analytical skill (turning data into insights) and creativity;

Able to structure a small/medium strategy plan (from the beginning to the end);

Able to negotiate with different areas;

Proven experience in research, communication analysis, insight generation, channel planning;

Strong conceptual and strategic thinker;

Strong written skills in both Portuguese and English;


Apllications can be done here: https://nubank.workable.com/j/B618C0FBCB

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